Joint Preservation &

Joint Replacement of the Hip & Knee

About Stephen B. Murphy, MD

Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Stephen B. Murphy is a surgeon and medical device inventor, specializing in hip and knee replacements. Dr. Murphy has more than 30 years’ experience as an orthopedic surgeon and is one of the highest volume hip replacement specialists in the Boston area. Many of Dr. Murphy's operations take place at outpatient centers, which enable patients to go home hours after their surgery. A pioneer in the field of computer-assisted joint reconstruction, he holds 45 patents in the fields of implant and instrumentation design and surgical navigation technology. He has recently developed:

In addition to being a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), the American Academy of Hip and Knee Surgeons, and the Hip Society, Dr. Murphy is a past president of the International Society for Computer-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery (CAOS) and the International Society for Technology in Arthroplasty (ISTA).  

Among other awards and accolades, Dr. Murphy has received the Maurice E. Muller Award for Excellence in Computer-Assisted Orthopedic Surgery from CAOS and the John Charnley Award from the Hip Societyas senior author on economic research.

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Stephen B. Murphy, MD


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Fracture, arthritis, and other conditions can damage the bone and cartilage of the hip joint, making daily activities painful and difficult. Hip arthroplasty (or hip replacement) surgery removes the “ball and socket” of the hip joint, then replaces them with a metal implant and cup. Replacing the hip joint can help alleviate pain and return mobility.
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Knee arthroplasty (or knee replacement) is the procedure of replacing damaged bone and cartilage with an artificial knee joint made from metal implants and a plastic spacer. Knee damage is caused by injury, arthritis, and other conditions that make movement painful and difficult. Replacing the damaged knee joint can resolve pain and return mobility.
Dr. Murphy Using a Touch Screen Computer While in Surgery

Dr. Murphy’s Surgical Approach

The Superior Approach for total hip arthroplasty is a technique aimed to maximally preserve the integrity of the soft tissue surrounding the hip joint. By avoiding trauma to muscles and tendons, this technique can help patients get back on their feet faster with less pain.  The Superior Approach and its derivatives have now been used in tens of thousands of surgeries in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa.

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The Next Generation of Hip Surgery is Here

The HipInsight™ system is the world’s first augmented reality-based digital surgery platform for total hip arthroplasty. The system effectively gives the surgeon “x-ray vision” to see anatomy, instruments, and implants inside the patient’s body in real-time.

Utilizing the industry-leading Microsoft HoloLens 2™ and cloud-based preoperative plans, the HipInsight™ system delivers seamless, intuitive, and accurate guidance when and where the surgeon needs it.

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Dr. Murphy Performing Hip Surgery
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HipXpert is a patient-specific surgery planning and navigation system. Combining 3D preoperative templating with intraoperative guidance for each patient’s hip, the HipXpert system is the comprehensive navigation solution for total hip arthroplasty.

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Dr. Murphy operates at three facilities in New England.

New England Baptist Hospital

125 Parker Hill Avenue
Boston, MA 02120

North Atlantic Surgical Suites

23 Keewaydin Drive Suite 100
‍Salem, NH 03079

Lighthouse Surgical Suites

2 Market Pl Ste 100
Hollis, NH 03049