Are physical therapy, pain relievers, and injections no longer providing pain relief for your hip? It may be time to discuss hip surgery with your physician to ease your hip pain.

Hip surgery is a common procedure most often needed because of damage to your hip joint from arthritis or injury. Hip replacement is one of the more common hip procedures.

What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

A surgeon, like Dr. Stephen Murphy, removes damaged bone and cartilage from your hip during hip replacement. Then he replaces your damaged hip socket with a prosthetic.

Hip implants can increase range of motion, improve day-to-day activities and improve your quality of life.

Dr. Murphy Has Advanced the Development of Hip Surgery Technology

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stephen Murphy is a pioneer in orthopedic surgery technology. He studied engineering sciences as an undergrad before going to med school.

Then he completed multiple orthopedic training and research fellowships in America and Europe. Since those fellowships, he has become a leader in computer-assisted orthopedic surgery technologies.

Dr. Murphy invented the state-of-the-art three-dimensional model imaging system known as HipXpert. Using computer-assisted technology, HipXpert creates a personalized hip surgery plan for each patient.

Technology Makes Hip Surgery More Custom and Effective

HipXpert provides a more precise procedure that creates a better patient experience. Using HipXpert, a surgeon can create a pre-operative template for each patient’s surgery.

This template gives them an unprecedented degree of accuracy during hip surgery. They use the template to help guide the procedure while in the operating room.

Increased accuracy helps surgeons with component positioning and sizing, pelvic tilt, and alignment. The improvements it offers reduce the impact on patients and allows them to return to their everyday lives as soon as possible.

Surgeons on four continents have used HipXpert to guide thousands of surgeries successfully. They save time in the operating room because HipXpert eliminates the need for x-ray imaging.

Another unique feature of HipXpert is that it is compatible with any surgical approach. It makes all kinds of surgeries more efficient and accurate. These procedures include surgeries to repair fractures or oncology cases.

Pioneering Developments Beyond HipXpert

Besides HipXpert, Dr. Murphy has pioneered numerous other orthopedic techniques. Many of his developments have been widely adopted by surgeons.

He was a lead investigator for an FDA study on total hip replacement. This study led to the approval of the use of ceramic-ceramic bearings in the United States.

He has also developed minimally invasive methods of performing hip replacements. His supercap and superpath methods have become industry standards for hip replacements.

He has designed implants commonly used today and has numerous patents pending for new inventions and procedures.

Dr. Murphy is a specialist in reconstructive surgery of the hip and knee. He seeks to improve the patient experience with his cutting-edge inventions and developments.

As impressive as HipXpert is, it is only the most recent of Dr. Murphy’s successes. He has a long list of other successful developments that led to the creation of HipXpert.